H21 Series Hydraulic Gear Pump With Keyed Shaft

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H21 Series Hydraulic Gear Pump With Keyed Shaft

  • Built tough of cast iron with teflon-coated bronze thrustplates.
  • Structural integrity supported by four internal dowels and a shaft bearing.
  • High-pressure rated -- can take a maximum 2500 or 3000 PSI.

The H21 Series Hydraulic Gear Pump with Keyed Shaft from Buyers Products is a sturdy, durable bi-rotational pump that can be 2- or 4-bolt mounted in an SAE B mount.

The pump is built tough of cast iron with Teflon-coated bronze thrust plates. Four internal dowels work to protect its structural integrity. Its input shaft is supported by a heavy duty bearing.

Choose from a range of models with flow rates from 11.3 to 15.3 at 1000 RPM. The pumps are capable of higher pressures, taking up to 2500 or 3000 PSI.

All of the models feature a 1 in. keyed shaft.

Product Common Use: Truck and Trailer Hydraulic Systems

Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 5

Weight: 2 lb

Sold by: Buyers Products

Category: Truck & Trailer

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