Delivery Van Shelving Package, Nissan Nv High Roof – Nvh-19

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Delivery Van Shelving Package, Nissan Nv High Roof – Nvh-19

Delivery Package, Nissan NV High Roof Model: NVH-19

  • Application: Interior
  • Composition: Steel
  • Install Time (hrs): 3.90
  • QuickShip: No
  • Weight: 197 lbs

    Van Partition, Walk Through, Nissan NV - C24-NH
    Straight walk through van partition, steel, Nissan NV High Roof.

Please Note: The Model # was previously C24-T.
Fold-Away Cargo Van Foldable Shelving System, 2 Levels, 65"h x 48"w - F5-RA48-2 × 2
Fold-Away cargo van foldable shelving system with 2 levels, 22"d x 65"h x 48"w.
Model: F5-RA48-2.
Aluminum Post For Fold-Away Units, 62.5"H - 84-U0063
Aluminum post for Fold-Away units, with steel foot, 62.5"h.
Model: 84-U0063.
Shelf Tray For Fold-Away System, 20"dx36"w - 84-U2036 × 2
Shelf tray for Fold-Away system, with gas shocks and hardware, 20"d x 36"w.
Model: 84-U2036.

Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 5

Weight: 2 lb

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Category: Truck & Trailer

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