5200 Series Control Cable With Clamp Mount

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5200 Series Control Cable With Clamp Mount

  • Secure cables quickly and easily with clamp style mounting features.
  • Lengths range from 3 ft to 20 ft to fit your needs.
  • Strong, durable stainless steel rod.
  • Custom lengths available.

The 5200 Series Control Cable with Clamp Mount from Buyers Products is a universal mount, push-pull style cable for most medium duty PTO and hoist applications. With an 8 in. minimum bend radius and a 40-100 lb load range, the cable is the flexible choice for many jobs. All cables have a clamp mount at both ends to secure them in place.

It's available in lengths from 3 ft to 20 ft to fit your exact need. Custom lengths are also available.

Product Common Use: P.T.O. Applications, Hoist Systems, Push-Pull Cable Applications

Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 5

Weight: 2 lb

Sold by: Buyers Products

Category: Truck & Trailer

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