25 Gallon Aluminum Reservoir With Micron Filter

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25 Gallon Aluminum Reservoir With Micron Filter

  • Lightweight, high-quality aluminum construction.
  • Pre-drilled for an included 10 or 25 micron filter (shipped separately).
  • Contaminant-catching magnetic drain plug.
  • Fluid level and temperature gauge included.
  • Interior baffle aids in fluid cooling.
  • Fully tested for optimal operation.

The 25 Gallon Aluminum Reservoir with Micron Filter from Buyers Products features .125 thick aluminum construction to resist corrosion and provide good heat dissipation, and an integral welded-on aluminum bracket for mounting to the truck frame. Lightweight and high quality, it's ideal for running small applications such as landscaping or smaller city plows.

The reservoir has several features for optimal fluid operation, including:

- a quarter-turn chrome filler breather with a wire basket strainer

- a sight fluid level and temperature gauge

- an interior baffle between suction and discharge to aid in fluid cooling

- a magnetic drain plug to aid in preventing metallic particle contamination

The reservoir comes pre-drilled for an included tank-mounted HFA5S series return filter. Choose from a 10 or 25 micron filter (shipped separately). It comes fully tested.

Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 5

Weight: 2 lb

Sold by: Buyers Products

Category: Truck & Trailer

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